Frequently asked Questions

Has Trimr designed a ________________ yet?

Trimr’s DNA is designers and Athletes working together to develop highly functioning, well designed fitness products. After launching in the beginning of 2014 with their flagship product, the Trimr Duo Shaker Bottle, Trimr has been consistently innovating and designing new product. Through research, development, and a lot of trial and error we are constantly trying to innovate and expound on new products in the nutrition, fashion, fitness, and hydration fields. Trimr has many projects that are currently in the works, but we’re always looking for new ideas. If you have a product you would love to see, send us an email here.

Why is my bottle leaking?

Firstly, the Trimr cap and straw is designed to drink from the bottle with the bottle facing upright (similar to a fountain drink cup). If you tilt the bottle like you would use a squeeze bottle, water will leak from the vent hole.

If you’re having problems while mixing your bottle, double check that both the wide mouth opening and the flip straw are both sealed shut before you begin to mix.

If there are still leaking issues, double check that your gasket seal on the inside of the lid has not fallen out. To obtain a new rubber gasket send us a message here.

Do the Trimr products have a warranty?

Yes. See Warranty Details here.

Is the Trimr bottle Patented?

Yes. The Trimr straw and lid is patented in 64 different countries including the USA.

Are Trimr products BPA free?

Yes. All Trimr products including all water bottles, shaker bottles, and shaker cups are earth friendly and BPA free.

Are Trimr Products dishwasher safe?

Yes. Trimr products are dishwasher safe (top rack recommended).

Do you have a private label program?

You know it. If you are interested in co-branding opportunities, please email us at sales@trimr.com and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

What is the difference between BPA Free and Eastman Tritan Plastic?

Many materials are BPA Free. Eastman Tritan is not only BPA free but is also odor resistant. Many other shaker bottles are made from Polypropylene which is a porous material. The proteins become stuck in the pores and attract living microbes. Much of the reason behind the bad smell of protein shaker bottles is due to living microbes living inside your shaker cup.

Eastman Tritan (number 7 BPA Free) also has the advantages of different shaker cup materials: significantly greater dishwasher durability, greater toughness and shatter resistance, Lower density — less energy used in shipping, Longer-lasting impression of quality and clarity, processing advantages that can save time and energy.

Can I mix hot liquids in my Trimr bottle?

No. Hot or warm liquids may build up pressure within the shaker bottle and cause the flip cap to open unexpectedly and spray contents.

Where is the Trimr bottle made?

Trimr headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The bottles are designed and developed in the US and manufactured in China.

Can I ship outside the U.S.?

Yes. Though International shipping rates vary from standard continental U.S. shipping rates.

What is the shipping cost of my bottle?

Most shipments are handled through FedEx ground. We offer free shipping to all orders over $30 shipped to the continental U.S.

How long does it take to ship my bottle?

Bottles will ship FedEx ground in the continental U.S.

Standard Ground Shipping
(5-7 business days)

All shipping on orders over $40 in the continental U.S. are on us!