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WE BELIEVE IN BUILDING THE BEST PRODUCTS on earth. by designers. for athletes. no compromises.

The intake Calculator.

We feel a responsibility for our industry, and as such we have developed the intake calculator. Many people know the amount of water they should be drinking but how many realize proteins role. Our team did the research and is helping to pioneer science.

The first shaker bottle with a straw.

Being first is important to us. That’s why we go the extra mile in R&D, Our products can’t just be good they have to be great. That doesn't happen overnight, we diligently create, experiment, and test, then do it all again. Perfection takes time.

A Brief History

April 2011

Entrepreneurs Gary Moore and Travis Winn commence work on a project with the idea to combine the best features of a water bottle with the functionality of a shaker bottle into a single unit. Bootstrapped with $22,000, they have just enough for basic R&D, a development trip, a provisional patent, and a functional prototype to pre-sale the bottle.

June 2012

Travis heads to LA armed with the prototype to pitch Visalus. He would leave with a sale of 30,000 bottles. Profits from the order would pay for the tooling costs and the conversion from provisional patent to utility patent.

November 2012

Visalus launches the Trimr bottle at their convention in Saint Louis. The bottle was a massive success - selling 17,000 bottles in the first weekend. This would fuel a re-order of 50,000 units. Profits from the new order would fund patents in 62 other countries around the world.

February 2014

Trimr launches it’s own branded bottle via Kickstarter and pre-sales hit $25K.

May 2014

The Trimr Duo bottle hits the market.

December 2014

By year end, the Trimr Duo bottle was found at national resellers such as GNC, Gold’s Gym, VitaminShoppe,, and

March 2015

Trimr’s Asamprajanta (SP) is debuted on YouTube and is featured on media outlets such as ABC news, Yahoo!, Good Morning America, Gizmodo, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF, and the Huffington Post.

September 2015 is acquired and new site goes live.The Trimr Duo Squared bottle hits the market.


The Trimr design team is working on additional bottles and a bag line that we anticipate to hit the market before year’s end.