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Trimr Cask Bottle (22 OZ) (Chot)

Trimr Cask Bottle (22 OZ) (Chot)

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Inspired by the ubiquitous patterns that emerge while walking/running/pedaling around the city. The Chot is built from the lines and circles that penetrate our subconscious and shape the urban landscapes we love.

  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle with distinct attitude and a perfect size. BPA free.
  • Keeps beverage temperature (24-hours cold, 12-hours hot); Great for travel, sports, outdoor recreation, or a day in the office.  Fits in most cupholders.
  • Enjoy a leak-proof stainless steel cap on the 22 fl. oz. Trimr Cask.
  • The silicone bumper protects against dings, loud tings, and accidental spills.

Trimr cask bottle in Chot, holds up to 22 oz of liquid.



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Wash on top rack of dishwasher

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